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PostSubject: *READ FIRST* APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS HERE   Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:36 am

**Please read ALL before Applying**

Hi, Thank you for taking the time in considering joining Sexy House.

Please do not create a profile here on these forums before you are accepted into the clan. You'll only get yourself banned.
You should be able to post in this section without having to sign-up for the forum.

Your application will be carefully looked over by an Admin or myself.

Also, please take the time to read our Forum and Clan Policies before applying.
We only accept legitimate, and mature players that like to have fun.

Copy/Paste the application form and start a new post.
Keep an eye on your post, as myself or an admin will tell you to either apply in-game or give you further instructions.

Your gender, KDR, time-zone, and whether or not you have a mic will not get your application denied.
We prefer MSG and up, but excepts can be made.

You must be 16+ to apply. Exceptions are case by case.

Clan Policy

When you become a member of this clan, you are expected to:

  • Play legitimately!!! No form of hacking, glitching, or exploitations.
    * Hacking will lead to immediate expulsion from the clan. No questions asked, no second chances. Zero Tolerance.
    ** If you use to hack, but now have stopped, you will be expelled from the clan. No questions asked, no second chances. Zero Tolerance.

  • Act maturely; remember that you are representing this clan. When you act like an idiot/whiny brat, you are making the rest of the clan look bad. I understand that the name of the clan is "Sexy House". You can be mature and stay sexy while doing it.

  • Treat others with respect; use clean language; no demeaning, derogatory remarks aimed at putting someone down (jokingly towards friends IS OK). It's all about having swagger and being sexy, and having a dirty mouth is just not sexy.

  • Always respect clan-mates.

  • Take direct accountability for what you do, whether right or wrong.

  • No Rage Kicking! You get 3 warning, then expulsion.

  • No Hackusations! If you really believe someone is using hacks, then submit the evidence to CBL and Nexon. DO NOT harass them about it. Being obnoxious and constantly harassing people is not considered sexy. You get 3 warnings, then expulsion.

  • Members are to refrain from trash talking or harassment during Clan Wars or "Pubbing". This means NO RACIAL SLURS, BELITTLING (saying noob, etc) OR PERSONAL ATTACKS TOWARDS YOUR TEAM MATES OR THE OPPOSING TEAM.

  • Provide a friendly and helpful experience to all members of the clan, and the entire Combat Arms Community.

  • Conduct yourself in a manner which reflects positively on the clan, your clan mates, and to yourself.

  • Refrain from behavior that harms the public’s perception of the clan, your clan mates, and yourself. Speak politely and remember to have manners.

  • When asked to participate in a clan war, if you have the time, help out your fellow sexy clan mates.

  • Do not force your clan mates to clan war.

  • You are expected to participate in at least one clan war per week. This will be loosely enforced, but long term inactivity without proper notification, will result in appropriate action taken towards you.

  • Our Team Speak access is a privilege, not a right. Abuse it an you will lose it. Do Not Play Loud Music Over TS!!

If you should have an issue with another member, try to work it out together politely and civilly. If the issue continues, approach either the admins or myself.

Regarding Team View - Although it is not required to join the clan, if you are suspected of cheating by several clan members, the admins, or myself, you may be asked to be Team Viewed by someone with many years of Team Viewing experience.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE towards cheating of any kind.

Forum Policy

The Sexy House forum is a place for members and affiliates to have discussions, relax, and have fun. Members and affiliates must respect one another in the forums and follow the forum rules. If a member or affiliate is found not respecting others or not following the forum rules, appropriate action will be taken against them.

While on the Sexy House Forum, these are the rules:

  • Please be considerate toward other people's opinions. Obviously no two people think alike; therefore, differences in opinions will occur.

  • Derogatory remarks will not be tolerated. You get 3 warning, then expelled from clan/forum.

  • Flaming will not be tolerated. You get 3 warning, then expelled from clan/forum.

  • Keep a mature demeanor when discussing topics in threads.

  • No obnoxious swearing....a little bit is ok.

  • No obnoxious spamming.

  • Absolutely no pornography whatsoever, including but no limited to links to pornographic material.

Violations of this policy will be dealt with accordingly, as seen fit by the Administrator and/or Moderators.

Good luck! And remember, no matter what age, weight, or build--you are sexy. Stay that way.



Which game are you applying for?:

In Game Name (IGN):

Other IGNs you've used with current account (name change):

Alternate account IGNs:




Kill/Death Ratio (KDR):

What Time-Zone you live in:

Past Clans:

Post your CBL status tag:

>>>Click here for CBL status tag<<<

Do you have/use a microphone?

When are you usually online playing CA?

What is you Nexon Forum name, if you have one?

Did any one refer you to the clan, if so, who?

Why would you like to join Sexy House?

You have read and understand the Clan and forum policies stated above:

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