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 Welcome To Sexy House

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PostSubject: Welcome To Sexy House   Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:57 am

First of all, Welcome.

Our Clan first started as just a bunch of friends that played Combat Arms together, and we refused to join any clan.
Ironically, we decided to make a clan ourselves!
We named the clan after the house we used to live in during our college days. Trust us, it was a sexy place to be.

Unfortunately, due to the intense waves of hacks, all the original members of the clan stopped playing Combat Arms.
I was the only one left.
Sadden, I decided to disband the clan and joined the Dark Templar Gaming Team.

During my time in Dark Templar, I consistently had this nagging feeling...that I gave up too soon on the Sexy House clan.
After a couple month of deliberation, and some encouraging words from the DT community and the Nexon forum community, I decided to restart the Sexy House clan for a second generation in Combat Arms.

I loved my time in DT, but my sentimental feelings toward Sexy House were too strong.
I spent the major of my College career living in that house! I could let go so easily.

I hope that my brother from Sexy House (the house) will come back someday, but until that day comes, I will be busy re-building this clan and filling it with new, worthy members.

We are looking for active players that are willing to help build up a great clan.

The Sexy House clan is to become a place were mature, legitimate players can gather together and enjoy each other's company.

Our clan's main goal is to become a serious competitor in the Clan world of Combat Arms, and eventually expand into other games.
If you would like to be apart of that, and want to be able to say you were there from the start then APPLY NOW!

Although, there isn't an officially age requirement, we ask that every member of the clan conduct themselves in a mature manner, respecting other players outside out clan, and have swagger and sex appeal well popping heads.

Again, the main objectives of this clan is to have FUN, play Legit, and STAY SEXY doin' it!
Just remember those things, and you'll do fine!

Now go back out there and start OWNING! And remember, keep it sexy.

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Welcome To Sexy House
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